On what started out as another very chilly morning at Cooroy that opened into a beautiful sunny day as the sun made an appearance over the horizon, where our juniors, made the most of the conditions to contest round 4 of The Sunshine Coast Junior Pennant Series with some outstanding results. As has been the case throughout the opening four rounds, our Zone Committee……………


Members in Eric King and Graeme Finn were thrilled with the performances they have witnessed so far, particularly from the Noosa Springs 1 squad, and Maroochy River 2 who are leading the way on six points in the Blue and Red Divisions, respectively.
Maroochy River 3 (Blue) and Maroochy River 4 and Headland (Red) are tied together in second place in their respective division on 4 points.
There were some very close matches, particularly Ellandi Findlay (Maroochy 2) Charlotte Ridley (Headland) and Josh Bell (Noosa Springs 2) who all won their matches 1/up.
Coco Moore (Noosa Springs 1) and Caitlyn Wheatley (Noosa Springs 2) won their matches 2/1.
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Once again, the comradery, sportsmanship and friendships that are on display, is a credit to everyone involved and a pleasure to be associated with.
Congratulations to the great team at Cooroy Golf Club for having their course and facilities in excellent condition. a special thanks to Cyril Trist (Club House) and Pat Carroll (Starter) who did a brilliant job making sure everything ran smoothly on the day.
The final home and away matches will be contested at Maroochy River Golf Club, Sunday the 13th of June from 12.16pm.
News article and Gallery will be posted after the finals.
The team photos below are in order of the ladder (BlueRed) and will change from week to week! 




1 Zone Pennants Noosa Springs 1 2021 01 1 Zone Pennants Maroochy 2 2021 01

Noosa Springs 1 (6 points)

Sunday Moore-Coco Moore

Jasmine Lena

Maroochy River 2 (6 Points) 
Lilly Surasen-Ellandi Findlay

Grace Kelleher

1 Zone Pennants Maroochy 3 2021 01 1 Zone Pennants Maroochy 4 2021 01
 Maroochy River 3 (4 points)

Ionna Muir - Cooper Robertson
Marley Habermann 

Maroochy River 4 (4 Points)

Shae Coghlan - Harrison Barr 

Jett Weizman

1 Zone Pennants Caloundra 2021 01 1 Zone Pennants Headland 2021 01

Caloundra (2 points)

Zac Doolan-Miles Romagnoli

Sam Cavanagh

Headland (4 Points)

Kieta Griffin - Klazema - Sam Fichera

Jack Fisher

1 Zone Pennants Maroochy 1 2021 01 1 Zone Pennants Noosa Springs 2 2021 01

Maroochy River 1 (2 points)

Juilian Stavrou-Harrison Darr

Sienna Coghlan (C)

Noosa Springs 2 (2 Points)

Caitlyn Wheatley-James McCullock

Maddison Kelly 

1 Zone Pennants Noosa 1 2021 01 1 Zone Pennants Noosa 2 2021 01

Noosa 1 (2 points)

Max Rogers-Kynan Allen-Jaxon Smith

 Noosa 2 (0 Points)

Colin Todd - Eli Cookman 

Angus Thomson