Thanks to Golf Australia, four of our Invincibles members received invitations into the Isuzu Queensland Open Pro-Am along with many other of our members who certainly made the most of the opportunity, particularly…….


Alfie Ward, Miles Romagnoli, Samara Dryden, and Poppy Harrington who were thrilled to bits to be rubbing shoulders with some of Australia’s leading professionals, amateurs, and celebrities as were their parents.


Young Alfie was over the moon when he realized that Casey Stoner (2-time World MotoGP Champion - p1 below) was in his group, I was over the moon, it was the best day ever, Alfie said.


He along with Nathan Barbieri (Pro) gave me so many terrific tips from taking a bit more time over my putts and learning how to play in the rain and learning how to stay calm under pressure that will help me play better at events.


It was nice to make some new friends, which is awesome! They were an excellent group to play with, as they really looked after me.


Miles Romagnoli was a little nervous, but excited, as he stepped up to the tee box to take his first shot, it was such a privilege to play amongst the Pro’s that I watch on TV, it was surreal.


I was incredibly lucky to get to talk to my Pro partner (Max McCardle) and ask questions on how he plays the game and watch how he handles himself on the golf course, it was an amazing day where I learnt heaps, Miles said.


I would like to thank Golf Australia and The Invincibles for giving us the opportunity, it was a fantastic day out.


Samara Dryden had a ball, it was a load of fun, Samara said.


Sarah Wilson (past member) was so helpful, as she looked after Diane Benghamy, Vicki Jones, and me (p-4 below) by giving us tips on how to manage ourselves on and off the course.


The fourth Invincibles member to be invited was Poppy Harrington, who made the most of the day, where she was grouped up with Anne Squires, Scott Mayes (director of golf – SC&SBDGA) and professional Kade McBride who made sure we all enjoyed the experience, it was brilliant, Poppy said.


1 2021 Q Open Pro Am 01 1 2021 Q Open Pro Am 02 1 2021 Q Open Pro Am 03 1 2021 Q Open Pro Am 04

Matt Toomey, Casey Stoner -

Nathan Barbieri (Pro) Alfie Ward

Anne Squires, Scott Mayes - 

Poppy Harrington, Kade McBride (Pro)

Max McCardle (Pro) Miles Romagnoli -

Jim Di Pietra, Glen Neighbour 

Diane Benghamy, Samara Dryden -

Sarah Wilson (a) Vicki Jones 


It was great to see so many of our Invincibles Members taking part, which included Sophie Thomsen, Megan Smith, Daniel Gale and Yuuki Takada (p1 above) who all had fun and really appreciated Daniel’s feedback.


1 2021 Q Open Pro Am 05 1 2021 Q Open Pro Am 06 1 2021 Q Open Pro Am 07
Alfie Ward - Casey Stoner Pro - Am Prizes 

Sophie Thomsen, Megan Smith

Daniel Gale (Pro) Yuuki Takada 


Jordy Speare’s team that included Peter Cooke (Pro) Peter Griffin and Drew Perish who came in third with 103 points.


All up, our juniors had a great day out, and gained a lot from of the experience!


It was a fantastic sight to see so many of our past and present members (26 in total) who have qualified for the big event starting on Thursday and we would like to wish them all the best in their quest of becoming the 2021 Isuzu Queensland Open Champion!


Who knows, maybe Charlie Dann and Shae Wools Cobb can get the job done after their outstanding performances last week?


If you can make it to the Q-Open that begins at Pelican Waters, this coming Thursday the competitors would love your company, particularly given the restrictions we've had to endure over the past sixteen months?