“Nominations Closed! Given the tough times we’ve all experienced over the past few months in isolation and given that we have been notified by host clubs that all Junior Classics or Opens have been cancelled or postponed up until the Noosa Springs Junior Classic and Mt Coolum Junior Open on the 12th and 26th of July respectively (tbc). It gives us great pleasure to pass on the fantastic news that…………..


Under strict conditions, we are able to get back to some form of normality after the Governing bodies have reduced some of their Covid-19 conditions, which will enable us to get out on “The Invincibles Tour” where we look forward to catching up with everyone to enjoy each-others company.


But most importantly, the game we love, and what better place to get back into the swing of things, than contesting the opening round of The Invincibles 2020 Matchplay Championships, that will be hosted by the magnificently presented and very supportive Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort, Sunday the 21st of June from 8.00am.


Our Semi Finals and Finals will be contested, Sunday the 5th of July from 7.00am, proudly hosted by the immaculately presented, Twin Waters Golf Club.


Managers, Mark Brady (Noosa Springs) and Steve Hutchison (Twin Waters) have always been massive supporters of junior golf and The Invincibles Tour and are looking forward to hosting our Championship, but it all has to be contested under the strictest of conditions as we would all fully appreciate, both Mark and Steve said.


The Invincibles Tour, on behalf of their members and families would like to take this opportunity to thank both Noosa Springs and Twin Waters for their enormous generosity and support, particularly in these times when tee times and course availability are off a premium.


Given the downtime we’ve all experienced since the virus took over, we feel this is the perfect way to get back out on course to enjoy the challenges that only match-play can offer!


The draw has been assembled with the last known competition handicaps rounds via Golflink!


The qualifiers for our Matchplay Championship are based on the top eight “lowest G.A handicaps” in the following divisions:

1. Boys Division 1 - +4 to 3.9.

2. Boys Division 2 – 4 to 12.

3. Boys Division 3 – 13 to 27.

4. Girls Open - +5.5 to 5.


It is important to note that to take your place in the field, you have to be a financial member of The Invincibles Tour and be prepared to commit to the strict conditions of play!


If you are interested in participating in our match-play championship for 2020, and fall within the above categories, then please contact Graeme via gmmiller@bigpond.com or text 0417 783 848 to show your interest.


Please Note: Nominations will close at 5.00pm, Friday the 5th of June, with the draw being set and posted on The Invincibles Website and App by Monday the 8th.


It is also important to note that the lowest eight (8) markers (handicaps) in each division will receive an invitation.




Conditions Of Play In conjunction with the rules of golf, and given the Covid-19 circumstances, the following conditions will apply during The Invincibles Matchplay Championships for 2020.


1. Contestants to arrive at host club, 30 prior to nominated start time.

2. There will be controlled gaps between tee times, to avoid getting too close.

3. Contestants keep records of the state of play on their individual cards, as a reference.

4. There will be no caddies, parents or guardians involved within the groups, they will be asked to be spotters up the fairways and to keep at least two metres from any other individual on the course.

5. Flag stick must be left in the hole and not to be touched.

6. Rakes must not to be used (preferred lies in the bunkers).

7. When your match is over, advise the organisers of your results and then your free to head home.

8. Please do not gather in groups!


The above conditions are to be read in conjunction with the normal conditions as below:


1. This is an invitation only event.

2. Competition for both girls and boys

3. Qualifiers must have an up to date AGU handicap.

4. Qualifiers must be 17 years of age or under on the first day of play in this Tournament.

5. The Tournament will be over three match-play rounds for both girls and boys, and you must be able to commit to all three days (rounds) of this Tournament.

6. Protests or disputes must be made in writing within 15 minutes of completion of round.

7. The official’s decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

8. All players must adhere to the following dress codes: GIRLS: Clean pressed shorts, skirts, slacks, pressed polo shirts, clean shoes, and caps.

BOYS: “Clean pressed long pants” clean pressed polo shirts, clean shoes, and cap.

9. All players must abide by the rules and etiquette of the game of golf.

10. All players must keep up with the pace of play. First offence for dropping more than one hole behind the group in front will be a time warning; second offence will lead to a one stroke penalty. Third offence will cause withdrawal from the day’s play.

11. All players must be helpful and treat all officials and volunteers helping run the event with respect.

12. All players should make themselves familiar with the local rules of the host club.

13. Parents / Supporters must not coach, enforce rules, mark the player’s card, or make any adverse comment on another player’s game or performance.

14. No player can smoke cigarettes, consume alcohol, or take illegal drugs of any description within the clubhouse or course proper. (Penalty of automatic disqualification.)

15. Mobile phones must be turned off prior to the commencement of play and remain off until the completion of play.

16. Rangefinders are permitted to be used.

17. All rubbish must be disposed of in the appropriate receptacles around the course.

18. Any serious breaches of these conditions will be reported back to the player’s home club for any further disciplinary action that they may deem appropriate.