For The Invincibles Tour to grow and thrive in a manner that we would all like “then it is up to us” to raise the bar and leave no stone unturned in an endeavour to raise the standards on Tour in the hope of creating a “fun, fair, and honest” environment, an environment that we can all be proud of, and if that means we have to face up to some…..


Home truths and unpleasant aspects of our game, then so be it.


We know from feedback received, that most are very happy with the environment and opportunities that The Invincibles Tour creates, but every now and then, it is brought to our attention that certain individuals “for a moments glory” have been a little casual when it comes to scoring and in some cases the rules, which is extremely disappointing for our committee given that is paramount to The Invincibles Tour that honesty, sportsmanship, and integrity play a vital role in the growth and development of The Invincibles Tour.


This is a situation that we don’t take lightly and that’s why we are asking for your support, by keeping us informed of any breach of the rules or incorrect score cards you give us the opportunity to clean up any unwanted or embarrassing situations before they get out of hand.


“It is desired that all disputes be settled on course” prior to leaving the next tee box, but if this can’t be done, we would like to invite anyone (group members) that has a legitimate concern or complaint to approach a committee member (Graeme or Frank) who take your feedback and concerns seriously and will put in place checks and balances that will resolve the problem.


It is vitally important that you don’t sign a card you are not "totally" happy with, because we take your dilemma seriously and most importantly you would be depriving the rightful winner the opportunity to accept his or her award on the day.


If you have any concerns with any of the above, please feel free to contact Graeme on 0417 783 848.


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