Revised Draw: The committee of The Invincibles Tour would like to congratulate those members that have qualified for their Matchplay Championships, and at the same time, wish you all the very best in your quest to become the Matchplay Champions in your respective divisions for 2019. As most are aware........


It is a major priority of The Invincibles Tour to strive to do what’s fair and in the best interest of their members and families.


As mentioned previously, given that so many of our members were committed to Interstate Championships and their Pennant obligations “where they performed brilliantly” the committee made the decision to hold over their Matchplay Championships to a more suitable time and date.


There is no doubting that this year’s Matchplay Championships has the potential of being the best-ever, particularly when you consider the enormously talented juniors in the draw.

The talent and ability that’s on display on The Invincibles Tour, is quite remarkable, and it’s going to give everyone great joy to see them go head to head to see who is going to be our Matchplay Champions for 2019?


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Thanks to the support and feedback from Steve Hutchison (manager at Twin Waters) and that of Andrew Kenny (Manager Pelican Waters) Dale Williamson and Michelle Hurd – Events manager, we have organised the running of our Matchplay Championships over the following dates:


Round 1: will be hosted by Twin Waters G.C, Sunday the 19th of May (arrival 11.15 am for a 12.15 pm tee - off)


Round 2: will be hosted by Pelican Waters G.C, Saturday the 22th of June (arrival 11.14 am for a 12.14 pm tee - off)


The Finals: will be hosted by Pelican Waters G.C, Sunday the 23rd of June (arrival 9.06am for a 10.06 Tee off)


"It would be appreciated if the above information could be passed on via your media outlets to those participating?"


The Invincibles Tour on behalf of their members, would like to take this opportunity, to thank both Twin Waters and Pelican Waters Golf Clubs for their enormously generous support, which is something we don’t take for granted and very much appreciate.


The Tour dose not believe there is anywhere in the country that has the same backing and support from their golf clubs as The Invincibles Tour does in South East Queensland “particularly the Sunshine Coast”.


We truly do believe we are in a very fortunate position to have their trust and support, and I know I speak for everyone on Tour, when I say, that their very generous support and guidance is very much appreciated.


The Invincibles Tour would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the change of dates, but if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact Graeme on 0417 783 848 or via



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