When our juniors and families arrived on the first tee box at Maroochy River Golf Club to contest round four of the Sunshine Coast Zone Pennants, they could be excused for thinking they were in for a long, wet and windy day on course. When you looked south to Buderim and North to Mt Coolum and Noosa, where heavy rain had converged on both ends of the coast, but as luck would have it, Maroochy River was….………..


Spared the deluge and went on to make the most of their good fortune.


Given the long dry spell the coast has experienced, one wouldn’t have been overly disappointed if we did get some rain, but at the same time, it was nice to get through unscathed.


Once again, the contestants played in great spirit and some incredible golf, which is always a fantastic sight to see.


The team at Maroochy River, led by Jim Di Pietra (Men’s Captain) Chris and Tyler Quaill and Kimberly Crawley did a brilliant job hosting what was a great day out the day, but most importantly for creating an atmosphere where everyone felt welcome.


Once again, competitors from all clubs (including their caddies, families and committee members) should be applauded for the sportsmanship and friendships they bring to the game, even under great pressure, they create an unbelievable atmosphere.  


Some of the many highlights during the day included: Luke Barnes brilliant eagle on 5 and birdie on 6, Jasmine Lena and Ruby Kavanagh’s drives on 8, Bronson White’s up and down on 8, Mickey Schimak – Orrell’s tee shot and putt for birdie on 8, along with Tom Flaskett’s chip in on 14 the win and match against a true sportsman in Tamatoa Stana, which were just a few of the many highlights that were on display during the day.


A major highlight was the fantastic cake the Quaill family had prepared for everyone at presentation, it really went down a treat. (Many thanks)


A little request, if you witness any magical highlights on or off the course, please text then to Graeme on 0417 783 848 so we can all enjoy the moment?      


The Tour would also like to thank Scott Mayes (Sunshine Coast Golf Association) for his and their very generous support with stats and info.               http://www.sunshinecoastgolf.org/


Maroochy River 1 had had the bye:


To view details for round four (4) view below.    


The Final Results were as follows:


1 maroochy pennants results 1



Photos below are in ladder order. 


Maroochy River 2 Noosa Springs Maroochy River 1 Noosa 2
1 Junior Pennant Maroochy 2 1 Junior Pennant Noosa Springs 1 Junior Pennant Maroochy 1 1 Junior Pennant Noosa 2

Luke Barnes, Ruby Kavanagh

Tom Flaskett

Sam Dryden, Sunday Moore, 

Jasmine Lena

Lewis Shaughnessy, Tyler Quaill

Ionna Muir

Rafferty Noar, Tamatoa Stana,

Bronson White  

Headland Noosa 1 Caloundra Gympie
1 Junior Pennant Headland 1 Junior Pennant Noosa 1 1 Junior Pennant Caloundra 1 Junior Pennant Gympie

Campbell Gigmey, Nate Smyth (M)

Keita Griffen - Klaterma, James Daniel

George Giblett, Jackson Smith,

Cooper Clarke

Brady Mann, Liam Dawson,

Sam Kavanagh, Will Stringer

Zoe Powel, Caitlyn Wheatley

Rebecca O'Neill, Alex Wheatley  

1 Junior Pennant Nambour

Mickey Schimak - Orrell, Rhett
Rosenius, Matt Bryan  



1 maroochy pennants results 2


1 maroochy pennants 03 1 maroochy pennants 04 1 maroochy pennants 05 1 maroochy pennants 06
1 maroochy pennants 07 1 maroochy pennants 08 1 maroochy pennants 09 1 maroochy pennants 10
1 maroochy pennants 11 1 maroochy pennants 12 1 maroochy pennants 13 1 maroochy pennants 14
1 maroochy pennants 15 1 maroochy pennants 16 1 maroochy pennants 17 1 maroochy pennants 18
1 maroochy pennants 19 1 maroochy pennants 20 1 maroochy pennants 21 1 maroochy pennants 22
1 maroochy pennants 23 1 maroochy pennants 24 1 maroochy pennants 25 1 maroochy pennants 26



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