On what was another absolutely perfect day for our juniors to contest round two of the Sunshine Coast Zone Junior Pennants Season, and as an extra bonus, they got to do it on what is renowned as one of Queensland's “if not Australia’s” premier golf courses, Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort, who had their course and facilities set up magnificently for our juniors, their caddies, and the gallery that followed to enjoy what was a magical day out, particularly for........



Ruby Kavanagh (Maroochy River - 2) Rebecca O’Neill (Gympie) and Max Rogers (Noosa 1) who all won their hard-fought matches 2/up against Ionna Muir (Maroochy - 1) James Daniel (Headland) and Matt Bryan (Nambour) respectively.


Once again, our juniors represented their clubs in fantastic spirit, which always creates a great atmosphere, an atmosphere that gives us great pleasure to be associated with.


As mentioned previously; the camaraderie and sportsmanship that was on display during the matches was exceptional and a credit to everyone involved.


Like last week, it was a great sight to witness players caddying for their team mates, but more importantly, for opposition players which was very special and a good indication of the environment we compete in.


It was also a fantastic sight to once again, see so many Club Captains and officials at Noosa Springs supporting their up and coming champions, that was really something special and a good indication into the future of junior golf.


Many thanks to Noosa Springs for hosting the day “the atmosphere was fantastic” the competitors and their families couldn’t have asked for any more, particularly from the team in the Pro shop and Craig Lena (Starter) along with Barb Stott and Janet Young who did a brilliant job hosting what was an exciting days golf.


A little request, if you witness any magical highlights on or off the course, please text then to Graeme on 0417 783 848 so we can all enjoy the moment?


The Tour would also like to thank Scott Mayes (Sunshine Coast Golf Association) for their very generous support with stats.


Noosa Springs had the bye:


To view details for round three (3) view below.



The final results were as follows:


J Pennants Round 2 2019



Photos below are in ladder order.


Maroochy River 1 Noosa Springs Headland Maroochy River 2
1 Junior Pennant Maroochy 1 1 Junior Pennant Noosa Springs  1 Junior Pennant Headland 1 Junior Pennant Maroochy 2

Lewis Shaughnessy, Tyler Quaill

Ionna Muir

Sam Dryden, Sunday Moore, 

Jasmine Lena

Campbell Gigmey, Nate Smyth (M)

Keita Griffen - Klaterma, James Daniel

Luke Barnes, Ruby Kavanagh

Tom Flaskett

Noosa 1 Gympie
Noosa 2 Caloundra
1 Junior Pennant Noosa 1 1 Junior Pennant Gympie 1 Junior Pennant Noosa 2 1 Junior Pennant Caloundra

George Giblett, Jackson Smith,

Cooper Clarke

Zoe Powel, Caitlyn Wheatly

Rebecca O'Neill, Stuart Powel 

Rafferty Noar, Tamatoa Stana,

Bronson White

Brady Mann, Liam Dawson,

Sam Kavanagh, Will Stringer  

1 Junior Pennant Nambour

Mickey Schimak - Orrell, Rhett Rosenius

Matt Bryan  



J Pennants Round 2 2019 1



Junior Pennants Dates 2019