On what was a hot day (34c) with a nice breeze, The Invincibles Junior Golf Tour gathered to contest their Gold Cup Of Cups Championship, where at one point, it looked as though lightning and storms were going to bring the championship to a close, but as good fortune would have it, it went around us, to allow the championship to continue and come to a……..


Very exciting climax, that sent the 2018 Gold Cup into a three way count back “after three boys finished tied on 70 nett”.


After close inspection of the cards by the officials, it was discovered that one boy had incorrectly filled out his card and had to be disqualified, which was a shame, but sometimes an unfortunate part of our game.


The final result went right down to the wire, where Brock Armitage (15 h/c – main photo) to his and his families delight, was named at The Invincibles Dinner, the "Gold Cup of Cups Champion for 2018" from Bailey Arnott (1 h/c – both from Pelican Waters) who jokingly wanted to go down the first in the dark to get a result.


It just goes to show that regardless of your handicap, you’re still in with a chance if you play to your ability! (going into the back nine, Bailey had it to three under which was an outstanding effort)  


Brock was so excited, as was his family, this is the best Brock said, I’m over the moon, what a day,


I just can't believe it!


This is the second time Pelican Waters has won the Gold Cup in the past three years, with Jordan Speare taking it our back in 2016.


"A full list of award winners can be found at the bottom of the page"


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Back Row: Cooper Clarke, Will Martell, Wilson Foster, Joshua Mitchel, Jordan Rooke, Ben Stieler,
Bailey Arnott. Middle Row: Mikayla Dyal, Drew Fernley, Jayden Dyal, Harry Takis, Zac Harrison,

Yevin Samararatne, Rhys Vanderkruk, Brock Armitage, Jarrod Goodwin, James Riseley, Liam Dawson.

Front: Rebecca O’Neill.


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I knew I was in with a chance Bailey said, I knew that if I could drop my twenty-foot putt on the last to come in with a 69 nett, that would be good enough, Pelican Waters is a tough track and I knew with the conditions that could get the job done, but that was not to be and I congratulate Brock on his great win, he is a great member of the club, he put in a great performance and he really deserved his win.


As is the tradition, The Invincibles Tour hosted their Annual Junior Presentation straight after the Gold Cup, where once again it was booked out, which always makes for a great atmosphere and a very exciting evening, and thanks to Andrew Kenny (manager) and his great team, we had a ball.


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Given Shae Wools – Cobb couldn’t be with us for the dinner, as he is attempting to pre-qualify for the Australian PGA Championship, that tees up at Royal Pines this Thursday, November the 29th, this meant that a very proud mum and dad (Steve and Kathy) did the honours on Shae’s behalf to a very excited Wilson Foster (p3 above) who were thrilled to be able to present their award on Shae’s behalf.


The Tour would like to make special mention and thank Michelle Hurd (Functions and Events Manager) and the team in the pro shop, caterers and the ground staff for helping make sure our day and evening was a great success, but most importantly for making everyone feel so welcome, they do it so well.


The Tour would like to congratulate the winners on the day and those that didn’t come away with an award for playing in what was a great day and evening.


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The Tour would like to send out a huge thanks to Aneka Park, Marshan Miller and Frank Schmidt for the enormous amount of hard work and effort they put into making sure the evening went well and that everyone had a great time, thanks a million to you all, your hard work and input is much appreciated.


The Tour would like to thank Jordan Rooke and George Giblett who offered to come up and accept Will Bowen and Christian Butterworths awards, due to them not being able to attend the dinner, which was a fantastic gesture that displays maturity beyond their years, but, isn’t that what we come to expect from our Invincibles members.


We would like to thank those that stopped back to help us pack things away, particularly Ben Stieler, your support was much appreciated!

Congratulations to a very happy Erin Carter (below - p1) for winning the major raffle that included a magnificent set of Callaway golf clubs, umbrella, balls, cap, glove, Callaway towel and four rounds of golf with carts at Pelican Waters Golf Club, valued at approximately $4,445.oo.


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Congratulations also go to Heather Wilson for winning the Olympic Golf bag (proudly donated by Ian Baker – Finch) and a putter and wedge that was proudly sponsored by Callaway Australia, that certainly made Heathers day!

The Tour would like to thank Callaway Australia and Pelican Waters for their very generous support of The Invincibles Tour.


Highlights on the day included: Jarrod Goodwin’s approach and putt on the 2nd for birdie, Wilson Fosters approach and putt for birdie on 3, Bailey Arnott and Cooper Clarke’s tee shots on 6, Will Martell’s magical bunker shot on 6, Rhys Vanderkruk's world class tee shot on 6 to set up his birdie, Liam Dawson fantastic up and down from the bunker to save par on 6.


Other magical moments included, Joshua Mitchell & Jarrod Goodwins brilliant birdies on 8, Jordan Rooke’s approach to the 3rd and birdie on 8, Zac Harrison and Yevin Samararatne’s brilliant up and down from the bunkers on 3, James Riseley’s tee shot on 11 to set up a birdie, Rebecca O’Neill’s birdies on 1 and 13, along with Liam Dawson’s birdies on 7 and 8 and Brock Armitage’s fantastic approach shot on 13, that were just a few of the many, many highlights during the day!

There will be a full gallery and dinner update, so keep an eye on The Invincibles website!


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Award winners for 2018 were as follows:

Gold Cup of Cups Champion, Brock Armitage.
Coastline BMW Encouragement Award, Will Martell.
Coastline BMW Encouragement Award, Caitlin Vanderkruk.
Shae Wools – Cobb “Quiet Achiever Award” Wilson Foster.
Drummond Golf Representative Award (boys) Tyler Duncan.
Drummond Golf Representative Award (Girls) Cassie Porter.
The Invincibles Sunshine Coast Inter – Club Team Shield Champions, Maroochy River.
The Club That Did the Most to Promote, Develop and Nurture Junior Golf, Pelican Waters.
The Club That Hosted the Best Junior Classic / Open, Mount Coolum.
Best All-Round Junior Golfer Boy or Girl, Cassie Porter.
Drummond Achiever of the Month Award - November (18 hole) Cassie Porter.
Drummond Achiever of the Month Award – November (18 hole) Ionna Muir.
Drummond Achiever of the Month Award - November (9 hole) Sophie Thomsen.
Drummond Achiever of the Month Award – November (9 hole) Sam Wilson.
The Players Player Award, Tyler Duncan.
Invincibles (Boys) IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Champion, George Giblett.
Invincibles (Girls) IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Champion, Isabelle Simpson.
Invincibles (Girls) IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Nett Winner, Dhiya Rampersad.
Invincibles (Boys) IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Nett Winner, Kyros Hayden.
Best Nett Performance – Girl, Isabelle Simpson.
Best Nett Performance – Boy, Christian Butterworth.
Best Team Person, Will Martell.
Most Improved Player for Girls, Mikayla Dyal.
Most Improved Player for Boys, Luke Barnes.
Best Individual Performance - Boy in C Grade, Jayden Dyal.
The Best Individual Performance - Boy in B Grade, Zac Harrison.
The Best Individual Performance - Boy in A Grade, Bailey Arnott.
The Best Individual Performance – Girl, Cassie Porter.
Boys C Grade Matchplay Champion, Marcus Carlson.
Boys B Grade Matchplay Champion, Will Bowen.
Girls Open Matchplay Champion, Caitlin Vanderkruk.
Boys A Grade Matchplay Champion, Tyler Duncan.
Invincibles Most Conscientious Member, Yevin Samararatne.
Invincibles Best 9 Hole Player – Boy, Samuel (Sam) Wilson.
Invincibles Best 9 Hole Player – Girl, Sophie Thomsen.



Invincibles 2019 Match - Play Qualifiers (Dates TBC)
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