“Dreams do come true” just ask Justice Bosio (Caboolture) and Bailey Arnott (Royal Queensland) who were invited to The Invincibles Annual IGA Corporate Golf Day (Invincibles fund raiser) that was hosted by the magnificently presented and great team at Pelican Waters Golf Club (who did a brilliant job). Justice and Bailey thought they had been invited solely for the purpose of pairing up and enjoy the company of Toini and Merv Norman and Caitlin Vanderkruk (Keperra) as a group, but little did they………


Know or realize what was about to unfold, thanks to a tight-lipped Mr and Mrs Bosio and the Arnott’s, who had kept an incredible secret close to their chests for some three months, which was a fantastic effort.


Both families confided, that this was one of the toughest things that they have had to do, to keep a secret like this from your kids, is hard work, said Tom Arnott and Tracey Bosio, but what a thrill. Justice and Bailey are over the moon and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, Particularly The Invincibles Tour, The Aaron Baddeley Foundation and Mahon Transport, what you guys have set in place is just mind blowing!


On what was a cracker of a day, a day where one hundred and thirty-six of our guests and sponsors came to let their hair down, and have great day out, but little did they realize what was about to unfold, and as it turned out, neither did The Invincibles team or the organisers.



After everyone had enjoyed a brilliant day’s golf and an incredible supply of goodies from IGA suppliers, they gathered in the club house to relax and celebrate and celebrate they did.


As the evening unfolded, to their total disbelief, Justice and Bailey were invited up on stage to receive invitations from The Invincibles Tour, the Aaron Baddeley Foundation and as it turned out, the Mahon Transport Group, to the Aaron Baddeley International Junior Championships in San Diego- USA, that tee’s off from the 1st of December.


What the organisers or anyone in the room didn’t realize or appreciate what was about to unfold. The winning team on the day (Mahon Transport p1 – 3 below) and team member Wade Hastie who also just happened to be the winner of the major raffle “valued at approximately $4,445.00 - thanks to Callaway Australia” came up on stage to accept his prize, when to everyone’s surprise, asked to have the clubs auctioned off to raise further funds to help Justice and Bailey enjoy a stress free trip to America, which was an incredible gesture!


1 MJ Mahon IGA Champions 2018 1 ABIJC IGA Champions 2018 1 Callaway Logo Invincibles 2017 1 Mahon IGA Raffle 2018

2018 Champions-MJ Mahon Transport

Brad Colrain, Michael Mahon,

Wade Hastie, Mike Nancaro

    Raffle Winner - Wade Hastie


That’s when the plot thickened, as the Mahon Group set about bidding for their own set of clubs. Wade ended up paying $2000 for the privilege, to a totally bewildered audience, and one might add, Justice Bosio and Bailey Arnott, who did the auction.


I can’t quite fathom what’s happened, Bailey said, this is absolutely unbelievable, mind blowing, I can’t get my head around what has just happened, this really is a life changing moment for me, and I’d like to thank everyone involved, Bailey said.


A very teary Justice was just as emotional. This is something I have been dreaming of for a long time, Justice said, I just don’t know what to say, I’m in shock, but thank you so much to The Invincibles Tour, the Aaron Baddeley Foundation and of course the Mahon Transport Group, this really is unbelievable and totally unexpected.


“who said dreams don’t come true?”


Full News Letter, Results and Gallery to follow on The Invincibles Website http://www.theinvinciblestour.org/