If you love a little pampering, enjoy your golf, tennis, or fine dining, and you enjoy mixing it with nature, then it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to be anywhere else than spending a relaxing weekend at the magnificently presented Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort, where you are assured of being treated like royalty.
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The Invincibles Tour on behalf of their members and junior golfers throughout South East Queensland, would like to pass on their thanks and appreciation to Mark Brady (Executive General Manager) and his team at their beautifully presented Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort.


We would also like to pass on our thanks and appreciation to the great team in the Pro Shop, their bar staff, caterers, and ground staff for presenting their course and facilities in magnificent condition, but most importantly, for making everyone feel so welcome.


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If you haven’t visited the world-renowned Noosa (Queensland - Australia) or enjoyed a round of golf on the beautifully manicured Noosa Springs Golf Course, which is situated a comfortable ninety - minute drive North of Brisbane, then you are missing out on one of Queensland’s and the Sunshine Coasts hidden treasures.


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NOOSA SPRINGS GOLF CLUB - Sunday November 29th, 2020


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 Where once again our Invincibles members




At our special evening, The Tour put the problems of the outside world behind them, and took the opportunity to get dressed up in their Sunday best, with the aim of gathering together to enjoy each-others company, whilst supporting their Tour team mates and having some fun in the process!

Our Gold Cup of Cups and Presentation Dinner gave our guests the perfect platform to put the frustrations of a testing year on the backburner, and take time to celebrate the good things that have happened in 2020, and where else would one rather be, than in the safe confines of the beautifully presented Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort and peaceful surrounds of the Sunshine Coast.

It gave The Invincibles Committee a great deal of pleasure to host what was their eighteenth Annual Junior Presentation Dinner in front of some one hundred and four guests, where it was obvious, that they came to have a good time whilst celebrating the performances and achievements that their Tour team mates and friends achieved throughout a very exciting 2020 season (despite Covid) and we believe that everyone made the most of the occasion.



Invincibles Patron and Ambassador, Ian Baker – Finch, was extremely disappointed that he could not be with us to enjoy the dinner, but during a recent visit home he took the opportunity to say a few words to camera to be played in his absence! (view link above)

President and Founder of The Invincibles Tour, Graeme Miller, was thrilled with the way the evening unfolded

Despite a little hick-up with the microphone (that the audience might have appreciated) we don’t believe we could have asked for anymore.

It is always a thrill to watch our juniors grow and develop when competing on Tour, but more so, when they gather together at special events and get up on stage to do their acceptance speeches is outstanding.

The way our young members represent themselves, their families, and their golf clubs is exceptional, Miller said.


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After welcoming their special guests in, Peter and Jackie Zipf (IGA) Roy and Kim McClean (Drummond Golf Maroochydore) Judy Patterson and Sue Graham (President & Junior Convenor - Sunshine Coast Burnett & District Women’s Golf) and Eric King – Director of Golf - Sunshine Coast) Mark Brady (Manager - Noosa Springs) Jim Di Pietra (Maroochy River Men’s Captain) Jen Barnes (Committee member) along with Ray and Irene Lally who were all there to support our juniors which was fantastic to see!

As is always the case at our dinners and special occasions, when our juniors and their families gather together, it never ceases to amaze in the way they prepare and move from the golf course to the presentation dinner, the transition was and is quite remarkable and a good indication that everyone had come to have a good time and let their hair down.

As mentioned many times before, “To have young men and women that you have worked with all year, come up and talk to you and not recognize them at our functions, is quite incredible, and a little unnerving, Miller said”.

Once again, on arrival at Noosa Springs, our guests were welcomed by a fantastic band called “We’ve Got You Covered – p1 above” who kept everyone entertained on arrival and during dinner, which we believe created a fantastic atmosphere that got everyone in the mood for what was to follow, and from the feedback we received, was that they were terrific, and most definitely added to the festivities!

Other than a few awards that we have highlighted below, the results page cover all awards presented during the evening, but there were a few awards that highlighted what a fantastic year 2020 was, a year that created so many opportunities for our past and present members.


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Our awards ceremony gave our guests the opportunity to reflect on our past and present juniors (via the big screen) to catch up on what they are doing during lock down. We were all enormously excited to witness Cameron Smith set the world on fire at the Masters, coming second and being the first ever golfer to record four consecutive rounds in the 60’s, was quite remarkable.

One would believe, that Cameron’s performances over the past few years, would have to fill our juniors with confidence (or golfers worldwide) that with a little bit of hard work, dedication and a positive outlook, that most things can be achieved and we have no doubt that when we get on top of Covid-19, that past and present members like Karis Davidson, Charlie Dann, and Jack Trent and Cassie Porter, Tyler Duncan and Shae Wools-Cobb and so many others will be out there aiming to make their mark on the golfing scene.

One can quite understand why our guests were taken aback and in awe by the transition of these and many other juniors that started out with us as five, six or seven year olds to hone their skills whilst competing on some of Queensland and Australia’s finest golf courses, to contesting major events on the world stage, with some unbelievable results as we witnessed as the evening unfolded.

It only seems like yesterday that these young men and women joined us on Tour, to now, where they are truly flying, and the transition is truly remarkable!


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It is important to note, that outside the two Drummond Golf Representative Awards, all other awards were awarded for performances on The Invincibles Tour!

Our dinner gave us the opportunity to reflect on our past and present members to see where they are now and one startling fact that was more than obvious, was that 170 plus of our Invincibles members have gone on to take up employment in the golf industry in one form or another, because not everyone is cut out to be a Touring Professional, which again is fantastic to see!

2020 was a year where we witnessed some incredible, and at times brilliant performances from our nine- and eighteen-hole members, particularly from Phoenix Gaulke (Redcliffe) who took out the best nine hole player.

Thanks to Roy & Kim McLean (Drummond Golf Maroochydore) two of our more experienced senior members in Justice Bosio (Caboolture) and Blaike Perkins (Pelican Waters) were awarded the “2020 Drummond Golf Representative Award” from Roy McClean for their performances in representing The Invincibles Tour and Golf Australia at the highest level.


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Given that most international events were put on hold due to Covid-19, was a plus for us, given it gave Shae Wools-Cobb (and his beautiful partner Jacqui) the perfect opportunity to be present at our Dinner to present the Shae Wools-Cobb “Quiet Achiever Award” and this year’s very worthy recipient was James Riseley (p4 below with Shae) from Pelican Waters.


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It gave us great pleasure to have the attendance of our Zone and District Girls Junior Convenor Sue Graham and president Judy Patterson (p3 above - Sunshine Coast Burnett and District Women’s Golf) and Eric King (Director of Golf – Sunshine Coast (p2 above).

As a very generous offer of support, Eric made a $1000 donation on behalf of the SC&SBDGA) to The Invincibles Tour whilst acknowledging the valuable contribution The Invincibles Tour, it’s committee and its members have made to junior golf and the Sunshine Coast over many years.

Eric said” It is an absolute credit to Graeme, and everyone involved, your team really does epitomise what you preach. You’ve Dared to Dream and You’ve Focused on What’s Important, to the point, as we have witnessed this evening, that that dream and vision has withstood the test of time and produced some incredibly talented and well-rounded young men and women, which is a just reward for some seventeen to eighteen years of dedication and hard work from a great team of men and women with a vision.

It really is very impressive, said Eric, and something that the SC&SBDGA is more than willing to support.”

It’s only a small gesture, Eric said, but it is really important to the SC&SBDGA that we let you know how important what you do is. It just doesn’t happen anywhere else, Eric went on to say, what The Invincibles Tour do, is truly remarkable and a credit to their team!

Thanks to Brett Maxwell, who generously offered to host the traditional members roasting at short notice, that included Ionna Muir, Justice Bosio, Blaike Perkins and Harry Takis, (p1-4 below) to the joy of everyone in the room!

Brett’s input was very much appreciated, particularly when you consider that Brett had caddied for his son Zac at the Maroochy River Men’s Open from early morning and then came and walked the course to support Roina & Kaleb Doolan which made for a big day.

Thanks Brett, your support and input was much appreciated.


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The highlight of the presentation night was to Mikayla Dyal for her brilliant performance in extreme conditions to win The Invincibles Gold Cup of Cups Championship.

During the presentation ceremonies, there were a few other awards that deserve special mention and they included.

Liam Dawson (p1 below) and Ionna Muir receiving the Coastline BMW Encouragement Awards.

Noosa Springs for winning the award for doing the most to (Promote, Develop and Nurture Junior Golf).

Twin Waters received the award for (Hosting The Best Junior Classic/Open) which was the Ian Baker-Finch Junior Classic.

Maroochy River for winning their third consecutive (Inter-Club Team Shield)

Ionna Muir was awarded the coveted “Players Player Award”.

An extremely excited Irene Lally (and audience) were thrilled to bits when Roy McClean drew Ray Lally’s name out of the barrel to win the Callaway Golf Package, that was sponsored by Drummond Golf Maroochydore and Callaway Australia, which was very much appreciated by Irene, who claimed the prize.

A huge thanks to Michael Gawne and Callaway Australia for helping sponsor the raffle, but also The Invincibles Tour which is something that we truly appreciate and never take for granted!

A thrilled Jim Di Pietra (Men’s Captain at Maroochy River) took great delight, along with his junior squad in accepting The Invincibles “Brett Martell - Inter-Club Team Shield” Trophy on behalf of Maroochy River Golf Club.

On July the 7th, we were all saddened to hear of the sudden passing of a close friend, Invincibles Committee Member and staunch supporter of junior golf, Brett Martell. After consulting with Cath Martell (Brett’s wife) & family, it was decided by The Invincibles Committee that the Invincibles Sunshine Coast Inter-Club Team Shield would be renamed as the “Brett Martell Inter-Club Team Shield” as an ongoing reminder as to just how much he meant to The Invincibles Tour and junior golf in general.

We believe it is a fitting tribute to a man that has given so much to junior golf and we and his family feel he would be proud to have this award named after him!


image 25 image 26 image 27 image 28


A great supporter of The Invincibles Tour, Peter Zipf (IGA - p2 above) took great joy in presenting their Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship jackets, crystal trophies and framed photographs to Justice Bosio (Caboolture) and Harry Takis (Nudgee).


image 29 image 30 image 31 image 32


As the evening unfolded it became quite apparent, that 2020 had been a remarkable year, where our juniors had taken that first step to “Dared to Dream” and “Focused on What’s Important” and as the evening unfolded it became more apparent that their hard work and effort was paying off and they were reaping the rewards!


image 33 image 34 image 35 image 36


Everyone was more than impressed in the way our young men and women represented themselves, both on and off the course, which has become the trademark of The Invincible Tour, a trademark that makes for an incredibly exciting Tour to be associated with, Miller said.

To revisit some of the incredible performances that our juniors had achieved, was a thrill, but what really got everyone’s attention was the way our young children had grown into "young men and women" right before our eyes which never ends to amaze!


image 37 image 38 image 39 image 40


The way they dressed, their speeches and the way they mixed with guests during the evening was an absolute credit to them and their families, particularly with the older members, who really are great mentors and role models for the younger brigade coming through.

One of the main reasons our dinner was the success it was, is because of the great team at Noosa Springs, so on behalf of The Invincibles Tour and their members we would like to thank Mark Brady (General Manager) for his very generous support, not only to me personally, but junior golf in general, which is something we really do appreciate.

We would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Lizie (Functions and Events Manager) Dan (Catering) and staff members, who had everything set up magnificently to host our Gala Dinner and from the feedback we’ve received, was that everyone had a fantastic night and made the most of what was a very exciting evening.

Thanks to Warren Ellis (Director of Golf) who did a brilliant job hosting our Gold Cup of Cups Championship, but most importantly, we would like to thank the whole team at Noosa Springs for making everyone feel so welcome. “Which is something they do extremely well”.

The Invincibles Tour would like to make special mention and thank everyone that supported The Invincibles Tour throughout 2019 (no matter how big or small a part you played) because it’s your input and support that makes The Tour what it is today, one of the best, if not the best, Junior Golf Programs in Australia according to Ian Baker – Finch. “which is a huge endorsement of the Tour”.

The Tour believes that with their input along with that of Drummond Golf Maroochydore’s involvement, will create a new and fresh approach to the great group of juniors taking up the game.

The Invincibles Tour would like to thank and acknowledge a few other very generous people who gave their time, expertise and support leading into the dinner.


image 41 image 42 image 43 image 44


A huge thanks to Joe Natoli (Sunshine Coast Council) for their sponsorship of the night’s trophies.

We would like to thank Brett Clarke "Noosa Picture Framing" and GT Print for sponsoring The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters framed photos, that looked absolutely magnificent!

We would also like to thank our golf clubs in Noosa Springs, Twin Waters, Pelican Waters, Royal Pines, Peregian Golf Course, Maroochy River, Caloundra, Headland, Noosa and Mt Coolum for sponsoring rounds of golf to help raise funds for The Invincibles Tour and Junior Golf.

We would like to thank Twin Waters and Pelican Waters for hosting our Matchplay Championships.

And Peregian Golf Course, Twin Waters, Pelican Waters and Noosa Springs for hosting The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship which were all a huge success that allowed our junior to experience the life of a Touring Professional.

We would like to acknowledge and pass on our thanks and appreciation to Chris Peckham (Source Media) for the fantastic job he did with video photography.

A big thanks to Alexander Lynch: Photography.

The Invincibles Tour would like to thank Brad Butcher for generously sponsoring their Coastline BMW Encouragement Award.

And a big thanks to Roy & Kim McClean and the team at (Drummond Golf Maroochydore) and Peter & Jackie Zipf (IGA) who have displayed enormous trust and support of The Tour over many years, which we hope will continue as we build for a positive future for junior golfers in South East Queensland heading into 2021.

The Tour would like pass on their thanks and appreciation to Michael Gawne and Callaway Australia for their very generous support of The Invincibles Tour. He is a very generous man, and his and Callaway’s support is very much appreciated.

1 Coastline BMW logo 2020 Drummond Golf Logo iga logo Callaway Logo


We don’t believe there would be anyone on Tour that wouldn’t agree that Frank Schmidt is one of the most generous, kind-hearted and supportive members of The Invincibles Tour.


Frank’s input is what makes The Tour tick and that’s why it gives us great pleasure to acknowledge his contribution. He truly is a champion in every sense of the word.


Our presentation dinner gave us the opportunity to introduce and thank our Invincibles Committee in Frank Schmidt (as mentioned) and Jen Barnes (secretary) Neil Charkow the man behind your website, Peter Heiniger (Coach and Advisor) and last but not least my wonderful wife Marshan Miller who all work hard to create a positive and fun environment for our juniors to enjoy their golf.


A full rundown of award winners and Gold Cup photographs can be found by clicking on the relevant tabs at the top of the page.


The Invincibles Tour and their committee would like to take this opportunity to wish their sponsors, members, and their families a very Merry Xmas and a Happy, Healthy and Fun Filled 2021.





Wools - Cobb Family
"Quiet Achiever Award"

Best 9 Hole Member

Most Conscientious Award

Boys Div 1 Matchplay Champion

Girls Open Matchplay Champion

Boys Div 2 Matchplay Champion

Boys Div 3 Matchplay Champion

Best Individual Performance - Girls Div: 1

Best Individual Performance - Girls Div: 2

Best Individual Performance - Boys (A Grade)

Best Individual Performance - Boys

Best Individual Performance - Boys

Most Improved Player (Boys)

Most Improved Player (Girls)

Best Team Person

Best Nett Performance - Boys

Best Nett Performance - Girls

IGA Junior Masters Nett Winner (Boys)

IGA Junior Masters Nett Winner (Girls)

IGA Junior Masters Champion (Girls)

IGA Junior Masters Champion (Girls)

IGA Junior Masters Champion (Boys)

IGA Junior Masters Champion (Boys)

Player's Player Award

Drummond Golf Representative Award (Girls)

Drummond Golf Representative Award (Boys)

The Club That Hosted The Best Junior Classic / Open Award

The Club That Did The Most To Promote, Develop And Nurture Junior Golf

Invincibles Inter - Club Team Shield Champions

Coastline BMW Encouragement Award 

Coastline BMW Encouragement Award

Invincibles Sunshine Coast
Gold Cup of Cups Champion

Winner of the Main Raffle
Proudly Sponsored by Drummond & Callaway Australia"

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James Riseley (Pelican Waters)    Phoenix Gaulke (Redcliffe)     Ellianna MacRae (Maroochy River)    Harry Takis (Nudgee)   Justic Bosio (Caboolture)     Matthys Visser (Redcliffe)    Tom Hutchison (Maroochy River) Lio Higo (Emerald Lakes - 
sent her apologies via video)   
Tiyara Samararante (Winderoo Lakes)    Josh Liston (Emerald Lakes)    Brock Armitage (Pelican Waters)   James Riseley (Pelican Waters)    Liam Dawson (Caloundra)  Amy Hodgkins (Redcliffe)  Liam Dawson (Caloundra)    Matthys Visser (Redcliffe)   Juhi Rampersad (Pacific Harbour)    Adam Van Dorsselaer (Mt Coolum)     Ionna Muir (Maroochy River)   Justice Bosio (Caboolture)      Justice Bosio (Caboolture) Harry Takis (Nudgee)   Harry Takis (Nidgee)    Ionna Muir (Maroochy river)  Justice Bosio (Caboolture)   Blaike Perkins (Pelican Waters)      Twin Waters Golf Club (Steve Hutchison Manager)   Noosa Spring Golf & Spa Resort (proudly accepted by Mark Brady (Manager)  Maroochy River Golf Club  (proudly accepted Jim Di Pietra and his squad)   Liam Dawson (Caloundra)    Ionna Muir (Maroochy River)    Mikayla Dyal (Indooroopilly)    Won by a very excited Ray & Irene Lally. 














From an Invincibles perspective: we know we speak for our members and their families, when we extend a special thanks and our appreciation to our sponsors and supporters (below) for the massive input and support they give to Junior Golf and The Invincibles Tour.


Revised Invincibles Sponsors Logos Oct 2020 

Their support helps us enormously with the promotion and development of Junior Golf on the Sunshine Coast which is something we don’t take for granted and very much appreciate.....


We would also like to make special mention of The Invincibles Committee who do an excellent job behind the scenes to make sure The Tour runs well, in particular Joss Quirk, Frank Schmidt, and Neil Charkow. They give their time so willingly to help at events, behind the scenes or with The Invincibles website in the hope of making sure that your golfing experience is just that much more enjoyable.


If you would like to make a donation or become a sponsor of "The Tour" then please feel free to contact Graeme Miller President / Founder via Mobile: 0417 783 848 or E-Mail:  

Donations can be made via direct deposit to:

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