PELICAN WATERS GOLF CLUB - Sunday November 25th, 2018

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 Where once again our Invincibles members




It gave The Invincibles Committee a great deal of pleasure to host their Annual Junior Presentation Dinner in front of some one hundred and fifteen guests, hosted by Pelican Waters Golf Club, where it was obvious that our guests came to have a good time whilst celebrating the performances and achievements that their Tour team mates and friends achieved throughout a very exciting 2018, and we don’t believe anyone left disappointed.

It is sad for those that left their bookings to the last minute and missed out, but at the same time, it was exciting to see so many keen juniors and their families gather together to celebrate what had been a great year Touring South East Queensland!

Invincibles Presentation Dinner Video Clip, 2018 in review:  


President and Founder of The Invincibles Tour, Graeme Miller, was thrilled with the way their evening unfolded.

It gave him great pleasure to be able to welcome their special guests in Roy and Kim McClean (Drummond Golf Maroochydore) Andrew and Alison Kenny (Pelican Waters) Mark Brady (Manager Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort) Peter Owen, along with Ray and Irene Lally (Representing IGA).


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If there was any indication into how the evening was about to unfold, it was in the incredible transition of our juniors and their parents as they moved from the golf course to the dinner, the transition was quite remarkable and a good indication that everyone had come to have a good time and let their hair down. 

“To have young men and women that you have worked with all year, come up and talk to you and not recognize them, is quite remarkable, a little unnerving, Miller said”.


"The transition of these young men and women was quite incredible".

The results page will cover all awards presented at The Invincibles Dinner, but there were a few standout highlights that made 2018 a fantastic year, a year that created so many opportunities for our past and present Invincibles members.


2018 was a year that saw twenty-seven of our past and present members contest the Queensland Open, fourteen in the Australian Open, it was a year that saw our members successfully travelling the world contesting International and major events, a year where our past and present members did an incredible job representing themselves and The Invincibles Tour on the world stage. 


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A year where we witnessed incredible, and at times brilliant performances from our nine- and eighteen-hole members, particularly from Sophie Thomsen and Samuel Wilson (9 Hole) and the more experienced senior members in Cassie Porter and Tyler Duncan who had standout years.

During the year The Invincibles committee voted to set in place a scholarship that would support those juniors that were putting in an enormous effort to improve and achieve their goals, those juniors that were committed and have the resolve, but didn’t quite get the recognition The Tour felt they deserved.

Juniors that had the right attitude and work ethic, juniors that enhanced the rules and etiquette of the game, and juniors that would represent The Tour at the highest level and thanks to the generosity of their sponsors and supporters, the Aaron Baddeley Foundation (Ron Baddeley) along with the support of Golf Queensland, who allowed the recipients of the scholarship to travel to America with their squad as part of the Queensland Team.


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Where this year; a very excited Bailey Arnott (Caloundra) and Justice Bosio (Caboolture 1 and 4 below) were selected as the inaugural winners to travel to America to contest the Aaron Baddeley International in San Diego, where they flew out on Friday the 30th of November.

As the evening unfolded it became quite apparent, that 2018 had been a remarkable year, where our juniors “Dared to Dream” and that became more than obvious as the evening unfolded.

We were more than impressed in the way our young men and women represented themselves, both on and off the course, which has become the trade mark of The Invincible Tour, a trade mark that makes for an incredibly exciting Tour to be associated with, Miller said. 


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During the dinner it was announced that the Invincibles Tour was in the process of creating an App to support those with Smart Phones and tablets to help with better communications, and thanks to Ian Baker-Finch who donated his inaugural Olympic Golf Bag, with Callaway generously sponsoring a putter and wedge, and most importantly those that bought tickets in the raffle, the App is on its way.

The lucky winners of the Raffle were a very happy Heather and Allan Wilson who were thrilled to be able to support The Tour.

To revisit some of the incredible performances that our juniors had achieved during 2018, was a thrill, but what really got everyone’s attention was the way our young children had grown into "young men and women" right before our eyes.

The way they dressed, their speeches and the way they mixed with guests during the evening was an absolute credit to them, particularly with the older members, who really are great mentors and role models for the younger brigade coming through.

"They’re an absolute credit to the game".


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One of the main reasons our dinner was the great success it was, is  because of the great team at Pelican Waters, so on behalf of The Invincibles Tour and their members we would like to thank Andrew Kenny (General Manager) for his very generous support, not only to me personally, but junior golf in general, which is something we really do appreciate.

We would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Michelle Hurd (Functions and Events Manager) and staff members who had everything set up beautifully for our Gala Dinner and from the feedback we have received, was that everyone had a fantastic night and made the most of what was a very exciting evening.


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Thanks to Jacob Harris (Director of Golf) Pelican Waters did a brilliant job hosting the Gold Cup of Cups Championship and our Dinner, but most importantly, we would like to thank them for making everyone feel so welcome. “They do it so well”

It was a great thrill for our guests during dinner, to have Ian Baker – Finch (Invincibles Patron) who was down in Vic at the World Championship of Golf, but whilst he was home previously, he did the following piece to camera wishing everyone the best at our dinner and congratulated the winners.


Please click on link:


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The Invincibles Tour would like to make special mention and thank everyone that supported The Invincibles Tour throughout 2018 (no matter how big or small a part you played) because it’s your input and support that makes The Tour what it is today, one of the best, if not the best, Junior Golf Programs in Australia according to Ian Baker – Finch. “which is a huge endorsement of the Tour”.


The Invincibles Tour like to thank and acknowledge Steve and Chantelle Dyal (Caboolture p 1-2 below) for presenting the 9-hole awards and for offering to come on board to help run the 5- and 9-hole divisions of The Invincibles Tour.


The Tour believes that with their input along with that of Drummond Golf Maroochydore’s involvement, will create a new and fresh approach to the great group of juniors taking up the game. 


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The Invincibles Tour would like to thank and acknowledge a few other very generous people who gave their time, expertise and support leading into the dinner.


Firstly; Steve & Kathy Wools - Cobb (p3 above) for presented their very prestigious Shae Wools – Cobb “Quiet Achiever Award” to a very excited Wilson Foster (Mount Coolum).


A huge thanks to John Connolly (Sunshine Coast Council) for their sponsorship of the trophies and the dinner! 


We would like to thank Brett Clarke "Noosa Picture Framing" and GT Print for sponsoring The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters framed photos, they looked magnificent!


We would also like to thank our golf clubs in Noosa Springs, Twin Waters, Pelican Waters, Peregian Golf Course, Maroochy River, and Headland for supplying rounds of golf for the evening.


We would also like to acknowledge and pass on our thanks and appreciation to Chris Peckham and Ross Nilson for the fantastic job they did with photography.


And a special thanks to Keith Stockill and Bob Miller for the unbelievable effort they put into preparing the stage for the evening, their input and effort was also fantastic and very much appreciated!


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Our major awards for the evening went to: Will Martell (Pelican Waters – p2 below) and Caitlin Vanderkruk (Keperra -p1) who received the Coastline BMW Encouragement Awards.


A special thanks to Roy McClean (Drummond -p4 above) for sponsoing and presenting their Drummond Golf Representative Awards to Cassie Porter (Peregian Golf Course) Tyler Duncan (Redcliffe). Roy also presented their Drummond Golf Achiever Awards to Cassie and Ionna Muir (Maroochy River - who was unfortunately not present).


The Invincibles Tour would like to thank Brad Butcher and Sophie Kurz (Coastline BMW) for generouslly sponsoing their Coastline BMW Encouragement Award. 


A big thanks to Roy & Kim McClean and the team at (Drummond Golf Maroochydore) and Peter & Jackie Zipf (IGA) who have displayed enormous trust and support of The Tour over many years, which we hope will continue as we build for a positive future for junior golfers in South East Queensland heading into 2019.


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Andrew Kenny (Manager - Pelican Waters – p3 below) advised me recently that they plan on keeping the award for the club "That Did The Most To Promote, Develop And Nurture Junior Golf" in their trophy cabinet for many years to come, but one would hope that our clubs on the coast would take up the challenge and and set about stopping them from achieving their goal?

A thrilled Peter Owen (p4 below) took great delight in accepting The Invincibles Inter-Club Team Shield Trophy on behalf of Maroochy River Golf Club.


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The Tour would like pass on their thanks and appreciation to Michael Gawne and Callaway Australia for their very generous support of The Invincibles Tour, it's very much appreciated.


A great supporter of The Invincibles Tour, Irene Lally on behalf of IGA (2, 3, 4 below) presented The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship Awards to Isabelle Simpson (Indooroopilly) proudly accepted by Isabelle’s father Jonathan and defending Champion George Giblett (Noosa) after putting in brilliant performances to win the 2018 IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Titles.


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We don’t believe there would be anyone on Tour that wouldn’t agree that Frank Schmidt (p4 below) is one of the most generous, kind hearted and supportive members of The Invincibles Tour.


Frank’s input is what makes The Tour tick and that’s why it gives us great pleasure to acknowledge his contribution. He truly is a champion in every sense of the word.


Erin Carter (Pelican Waters - p1 below) was the proud and very excited main raffle winner of the magnificent set of Callaway Golf Clubs and package valued at approximately $4,455.00 that was very generously sponsored by Callaway Australia and Pelican Waters Golf Club.


Our presentation dinner gave us the opportunity to introduce and thank our Invincibles Committee in Frank Schmidt (as mentioned) and Joss Quirk, our fantastic Secretary who is so generous with her time, Neil Charkow the man behind your website, Peter Heiniger (Coach and Advisor) and Brett & Cathy Martell and Mick Quirk who work hard to create a positive and fun environment for our juniors to enjoy their golf.


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The final award for the evening brought the house down, when Brock Armitage (Pelican Waters - p2 above) was announced by Peter Owen as the winner of The Invincibles 2018 Gold Cup of Cups Championship, after a three way count back with Bailey Arnott (Caloundra) and defending Champion Jayden Dyal (Caboolture).


A full rundown of award winners (in order of presentation) can be found by clicking on the awards tab at the top of the page.


The Invincibles Tour and their committee would like to wish their sponsors, members, and their families a very Merry Xmas and a Happy, Healthy and Fun Filled 2019.


Award Winners


Award winners for 2018 were as follows:

Gold Cup of Cups Champion, Brock Armitage.
Coastline BMW Encouragement Award, Will Martell.
Coastline BMW Encouragement Award, Caitlin Vanderkruk.
Shae Wools – Cobb “Quiet Achiever Award” Wilson Foster.
Drummond Golf Representative Award (boys) Tyler Duncan.
Drummond Golf Representative Award (Girls) Cassie Porter.
The Invincibles Sunshine Coast Inter – Club Team Shield Champions, Maroochy River.
The Club That Did the Most to Promote, Develop and Nurture Junior Golf, Pelican Waters.
The Club That Hosted the Best Junior Classic / Open, Mount Coolum.
Best All-Round Junior Golfer Boy or Girl, Cassie Porter.
Drummond Achiever of the Month Award - November (18 hole) Cassie Porter.
Drummond Achiever of the Month Award – November (18 hole) Ionna Muir.
Drummond Achiever of the Month Award - November (9 hole) Sophie Thomsen.
Drummond Achiever of the Month Award – November (9 hole) Sam Wilson.
The Players Player Award, Tyler Duncan.
Invincibles (Boys) IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Champion, George Giblett.
Invincibles (Girls) IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Champion, Isabelle Simpson.
Invincibles (Girls) IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Nett Winner, Dhiya Rampersad.
Invincibles (Boys) IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Nett Winner, Kyros Hayden.
Best Nett Performance – Girl, Isabelle Simpson.
Best Nett Performance – Boy, Christian Butterworth.
Best Team Person, Will Martell.
Most Improved Player for Girls, Mikayla Dyal.
Most Improved Player for Boys, Luke Barnes.
Best Individual Performance - Boy in C Grade, Jayden Dyal.
The Best Individual Performance - Boy in B Grade, Zac Harrison.
The Best Individual Performance - Boy in A Grade, Bailey Arnott.
The Best Individual Performance – Girl, Cassie Porter.
Boys C Grade Matchplay Champion, Marcus Carlson.
Boys B Grade Matchplay Champion, Will Bowen.
Girls Open Matchplay Champion, Caitlin Vanderkruk.
Boys A Grade Matchplay Champion, Tyler Duncan.
Invincibles Most Conscientious Member, Yevin Samararatne.
Invincibles Best 9 Hole Player – Boy, Samuel (Sam) Wilson.
Invincibles Best 9 Hole Player – Girl, Sophie Thomsen.






Wools - Cobb Family

"Quiet Achiever Award"

Drummond Golf Achiever

of the Month Award 

Best 9 Hole Member

Best 9 Hole Member

Most Conscientious Award

Boys A Grade Matchplay Champion 

Girls Open Matchplay Champion

Boys B Matchplay Champion

Boys C Matchplay Champion

Best Individual Performance - Girls

Best Individual Performance - Boys
(A Grade)

Best Individual Performance - Boys
(B Grade)

Best Individual Performance - Boys

(C Grade)

Most Improved Player (Boys)

Most Improved Player (Girls)

Best Team Person Best All Round Junior Golfer Boy or Girl 

Best Nett Performance


Best Nett Performance


IGA Junior Masters Nett Winner (Boys)  IGA Junior Masters Nett Winner (Girls)   IGA Junior Masters Champion (Girls)   IGA Junior Masters Champion (Boys)   Players Player Award 

Drummond Golf Representative Award (Girls) 

Drummond Golf Representative Award (Boys) The Club That Hosted The Best Junior Classic / Open Award   The Club That Did The Most To Promote, Develop And Nurture Junior Golf


Invincibles Inter - Club Team Shield Champions


Coastline BMW Encouragement Award 

Coastline BMW Encouragement Award Invincibles Sunshine Coast
Gold Cup of Cups Champion
Olympic Golf Bag Raffle

Winner of the Main Raffle

"Proudly Sponsored by Callaway Australia"

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Wilson Foster (Mount Coolum) 
with Steve & Kathy Wools - Cobb 

Cassie Porter (Peregan Golf Course)

Ionna Muir (Maroochy River - not present)   

Sophie Thomsen (Pelican Waters)    Samuel (Sam) Wilson (Maroochy River)   Yevin Samararatne (Windaroo Lakes)   Tyler Duncan (Redcliffe)   Caitlin Vanderkruk (Keperra) Defended Title  Will Bowen (Royal Queensland) Marcus Carlson (Royal Queensland)   Cassie Porter (Peregian Golf Course)   Bailey Arnott (Caloundra) Zac Harrison (Riverlakes)   Jayden Dyal (Caboolture)  Luke Barnes (Maroochy River)  Mikayla Dyal (Caboolture)   Will Martell (Pelican Waters)  Cassie Porter (Peregian Golf Course)   Christian Butterworth (Noosa)   Isabelle Simpson (Indooroopilly)   Kyros Hayden (Caboolture)    Dhyia Rampersad (North Lakes)   Isabelle Simpson (Indooroopilly)   George Giblett (Noosa) Defended Title   Tyler Duncan (Redcliffe)    Cassie Porter (Peregian Golf Course)  Tyler Duncan (Redcliffe)     Mount Coolum Golf Club (proudly accepted by Barry Degenhardt)    Pelican Waters Golf Club (accepted by Andrew Kenny - Manager - Pelican Waters) Maroochy River Golf Club  (proudly accepted by Peter Owen)   Cailtin Vanderkruk (Keperra)  Will Martell (Pelican Waters)   Brock Armitage (Pelican Waters)   Won by Heather & Allan Wilson Won by a very excited Erin Carter (Pelican Waters) 












Matchplay Qualifiers

Invincibles 2019 Match - Play Qualifiers (Dates TBC)
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From an Invincibles perspective: we know we speak for our members and their families, when we extend a special thanks and our appreciation to our sponsors and supporters (below) for the massive input and support they give to Junior Golf and The Invincibles Tour.


invincibles supporters 2017 

Their support helps us enormously with the promotion and development of Junior Golf on the Sunshine Coast which is something we don’t take for granted and very much appreciate.....


We would also like to make special mention of The Invincibles Committee who do an excellent job behind the scenes to make sure The Tour runs well, in particular Joss Quirk, Frank Schmidt, and Neil Charkow. They give their time so willingly to help at events, behind the scenes or with The Invincibles website in the hope of making sure that your golfing experience is just that much more enjoyable.


If you would like to make a donation or become a sponsor of "The Tour" then please feel free to contact Graeme Miller President / Founder via Mobile: 0417 783 848 or E-Mail:  

Donations can be made via direct deposit to:

The Invincibles Tour
BSB: 064462 [Buderim CBA]
A/c No: 10179965