If you love a little pampering, enjoy your golf, tennis, or fine dining, and you enjoy mixing it with nature, then it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to be anywhere else than spending a relaxing weekend at the magnificently presented Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort, where you are assured of being treated like royalty.
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The Invincibles Tour on behalf of their members and junior golfers throughout South East Queensland, would like to pass on their thanks and appreciation to Mark Brady (Executive General Manager) and his team at their beautifully presented Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort.


We would also like to pass on our thanks and appreciation to the great team in the Pro Shop, their bar staff, caterers, and ground staff for presenting their course and facilities in magnificent condition, but most importantly, for making everyone feel so welcome.


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If you haven’t visited the world-renowned Noosa (Queensland - Australia) or enjoyed a round of golf on the beautifully manicured Noosa Springs Golf Course, which is situated a comfortable ninety - minute drive North of Brisbane, then you are missing out on one of Queensland’s and the Sunshine Coasts hidden treasures.


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The Invincibles Sunshine Coast Gold Cup of Cups Champion - 2019


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Ruby Kavanagh (Maroochy River)  

What a brilliant way to wind up what has been fantastic year on The Invincibles Tour!  


On what was a magnificent 27-28 degrees with a nice breeze that kept conditions to a manageable level. The Invincibles Junior Golfing Tour and their members gathered together at the beautifully presented Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort to contest their Gold Cup of Cups Championship!


It is a tradition of The Invincibles, that no one accept the scorers, in this case Frank & Suzie Smith (Noosa’s Springs) new who the winner was, that meant that the suspense built up until the final award of the evening, where outgoing members Zoe Maxwell & Tyler Duncan (both turned eighteen over the past two months) presented the award as their final duties as juniors on The Invincibles Tour.


In front of some 109 guests, Ruby Kavanagh (Maroochy River) was announced the winner of the Gold Cup with a score of 78/69nett to the deafening applause of her peers and fellow team mates who were out to enjoy what was a fantastic night out.


Speaking of Zoe & Tyler, The Invincibles Tour would like to wish them all the very best in their quest to become touring professionals, you’re going to be sorely missed by your teammates and friends at tour events!


Ruby (p1 & 4 below) was thrilled to bits to hear Zoe & Tyler announce her name as the winner.


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To say the Kavanagh family were excited, would be a gross understatement.

Ruby’s Mum, Nina, dad Luke and little sister Luella were thrilled to bits and proud as punch, as were the team of Maroochy River members who brought the house down when the announcement was made.


gcoc 2019 05

gcoc 2019 06

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gcoc 2019 08


Ruby, playing off a handicap of 9 was over the moon with her win, I didn’t in my wildest dreams believe that I was going to achieve this, I am quite shocked, Ruby said, this really is a dream come true, I just don’t know what to say!  


Ruby’s 78 was her best ever performance, I’d never broken 80 before, so to do that on such a big occasion was fantastic, I was so excited.


There were so many unbelievably talented golfers taking part like Caitlin Vanderkruk, Rebecca O’Neill, Tyler Duncan and Yevin Samararatne and so many others, that it didn’t enter my mind that I could achieve this, I’m over the moon!

 2019 Gold Cup of Cups Qualifiers


gcoc 2019 main 2


Front Row: Lydia Shackell, Dhiya Rampersad, Amy Hodgkins, Ethan Carlson, Matthew Bryan, Tyler Duncan, Yevin Samararatne, James Riseley, Daniel Cho, Jarrod Goodwin, Liam Dawson, Brock Armitage.
Middle row: Sunday Moore, Marcus Carlson, Ellianna MacRae, Sienna Coghlan, Caitlyn Wheatley, Caitlin Vanderkruk, Adam Jansz, Sabastian Carter.
Front row: Ruby Kavanagh, Rebecca O’Neill.
Seated: Kai Schloss.


gcoc 2019 09

gcoc 2019 10

gcoc 2019 11

gcoc 2019 12


The kids on The Invincibles Tour are a great group of young men and women who always come to compete and dress for the occasion (as above) which makes them a very enjoyable group to be associated with.


gcoc 2019 13

gcoc 2019 14

gcoc 2019 15

gcoc 2019 16


Highlights on the day included: Rebecca O’Neill’s and Ellianna MacRae’s tee shots on 4 to set up par’s, Rebecca O’Neill’s 3 metre putt on 7 for birdie, Amy Hodgkin, Dhiya Rampersad and Daniel Cho’s tee shots on 8 and Caitlyn Wheatley’s four metre par putt on 7.


gcoc 2019 17

gcoc 2019 18

gcoc 2019 19

gcoc 2019 20


Other magical moments included, Ethan Carlson’s up and down from 150 metre’s on seven, Tyler Duncan’s brilliant drive, approach and putt on 12 for birdie, Amy Hodgkin’s bunker shot on the same hole, Sunday Moore’s brilliant bunker shot (up and down) from 85 metre’s on 10 and Ruby’s brilliant tee shot on 16 to set up her birdie that were just a few of the many, many highlights during the day!


gcoc 2019 21

gcoc 2019 22

gcoc 2019 23

gcoc 2019 24


It has always given our Invincibles members and their families a great feeling of excitement and anticipation when they gather together at major events and special functions to celebrate the performances and achievements of their juniors, and Sunday the 24th of November was just one of those days when everything came together.


The Tour would like to make special mention and thank those competitors (and parents) who contested the Gold Cup of Cups Final and stayed back for the Dinner and Presentations to support their fellow teammates and friends on their special night.


Your actions displayed true sportsmanship, but most importantly you showed respect for the traditions and etiquette of the game, not to mention the sponsors and organisers, which is something we really do appreciate and thank you for.


gcoc 2019 25

gcoc 2019 26

gcoc 2019 27

gcoc 2019 28


We would also like to thank anyone who played any small part in the day for your support and encouragement; particularly our mobile scorers, spotters and marshals, because without that support Championships like our Course Cup, Gold Cup of Cups and many more of our major events just wouldn’t exist and that’s something I know our Invincibles members and their families appreciate and don’t take for granted, because we know, it truly is an honour and a privilege for our juniors to be able to contest Major Championships like ours on some of Australia’s finest golf courses.


Even though it makes for a long day, the decision to wind up the Tour by running both the Gold Cup and Dinner on the same day, has proven to be a good one.


gcoc 2019 29

gcoc 2019 30

gcoc 2019 31

gcoc 2019 32


It gives us the opportunity to gather together to celebrate Christmas and our junior’s great performances at the same time, and from the feedback and support we have received from our members, their families, and the golfing industry, has been very positive “particularly for a very happy Ruby Kavanagh.


gcoc 2019 33

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Thanks to the competitors, caddies and galleries, our Gold Cup of Cups Championship was played in great spirit, which is something that The Invincibles Tour is renowned for. They not only dress incredibly, but they do all the little things to make sure everyone’s day on the course is an enjoyable one.


The committee of The Tour would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone involved for helping make the day a great success.


The Invincibles Tour would also like to thank their sponsors and supporters for their unbelievable and overwhelming support of The Tour, because without that support we would be struggling to exist, and it is important to us that they know we appreciate that support.


I would like to extend a huge thanks to my wife Marshan for all the things she does to support me and The Tour, her input and support is incredible, because it’s not easy making the commitments that we have made together to support our children!


We would like to extend a special thanks, to Frank Schmidt for his fantastic input and support, not only for our major events, but for all the hard work he puts in behind the scene to make sure The Tour runs smoothly.


A huge thanks to Neil Charkow (website1000) for the incredible job he does behind the scenes to make sure our website is kept up to date, fresh and informative which is a huge, huge job.


A special thanks to Jen Barnes (secretary) and fellow committee members for all their hard work.


If you would like to participate in any Invincibles events throughout 2020 then you are more than welcome.


The Invincibles season starts on the 1st of January, through to the 31st of December. To become is as simple as clicking on the following link!






From an Invincibles perspective: we know we speak for our members and their families, when we extend a special thanks and our appreciation to our sponsors and supporters (below) for the massive input and support they give to Junior Golf and The Invincibles Tour.


invincibles supporters 2017 

Their support helps us enormously with the promotion and development of Junior Golf on the Sunshine Coast which is something we don’t take for granted and very much appreciate.....


We would also like to make special mention of The Invincibles Committee who do an excellent job behind the scenes to make sure The Tour runs well, in particular Joss Quirk, Frank Schmidt, and Neil Charkow. They give their time so willingly to help at events, behind the scenes or with The Invincibles website in the hope of making sure that your golfing experience is just that much more enjoyable.


If you would like to make a donation or become a sponsor of "The Tour" then please feel free to contact Graeme Miller President / Founder via Mobile: 0417 783 848 or E-Mail:  

Donations can be made via direct deposit to:

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