George Giblett (Noosa) & Cassie Porter (Peregian Golf Course)

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One can’t help but think why our juniors travel all over the country to gain ranking points, when they have a true test of their golfing ability right at their front door.

As George Giblett and Cassie Porter (pictured) would testify, particularly Cassie, who not only defended her title, but also re-wrote the record books with her outstanding performances “on four of Australia’s finest golf courses” and George Giblett, who did something that no other junior has been able to achieve at Noosa, and that is, bring home The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Trophy to the very proud, Noosa Golf Club, as did Cassie Porter, for the newly formed Peregian Golf Course.

Even though our Junior Masters Championship was contested over four hot and trying days, all the players should be applauded for their pure grit and determination as they fought hard, particularly on days one & two against temperatures that hovered in the mid-thirties, with winds gusting from the low 50’s to the high 70 km/per hour, winds that tested everyone’s patience and resolve to the max.

A major highlight for the championship in 2017, was having Peregian Golf Course (thanks to Ian Denny) reclaim their spot in our Masters Championship, which was a great thrill for everyone that took part, and it was fantastic to see the original (traditional) four clubs hosting their respective rounds of The Invincibles Masters Championship!!



Once again; It's fair to say that our 2017 Masters Championship was a great success for a lot of different reasons, not the least being the trust and support that we received from four very generous managers in Steve Hutchison (Twin Waters) Andrew Kenny (Pelican Waters) Ian Denny (Peregian Golf Course) and Mark Brady (Noosa Springs Golf and Spa) and their incredibly supportive teams in the Pro Shops, Catering, their Bar and Ground staff who collectively did a brilliant job to make sure our championship ran smoothly. Nothing was too much trouble, but most importantly, we would like to thank all concerned for making our championship the great success that it was, and for making everyone feel so welcome.


Events like our Masters Championship dont just happen, they happen, because people like these four very generous men care enough to make sure they happen, because they, like all of us would like to see The Invincibles Tour grow and the game of golf flourish, in particular junior golf, and that’s something I’d like to think none of us take for granted because if it wasn’t for these very generous men, their organisations and others like them, our Tour wouldn’t exist!



It gave The Tour an enormous buzz and added a fantastic atmosphere to our Championship, to see past members and their families come to support The Masters, which all added to the atmosphere and the occasion.

There’s no doubting that the parents play a huge part in “The Tour” but when it comes to our Major Events and Championships, they go that extra yard by helping as Mobile Scorers, Caddies, and Spotters, or in any way they can to make sure our events create a positive, fun, and friendly environment where everyone enjoys the moment, and that is something we really do appreciate.

One can’t go past the competitors themselves (our juniors) for the way they handled themselves and played the game, they played in the true spirit of the game and even though some of the scores were a bit higher after the horrendous conditions they were confronted with on the first two days, days that tested their patience to the max, and all credit to them, they focused on what was important to get the job done.



As is the norm on The Invincibles Tour, the contestants looked fantastic (as seen in the photos). They were enormously competitive, but that didn’t interfere with the pace of play: which was just exceptional (ranging from 3.50 to 4.20 min - walking) a fantastic effort and something our host clubs were extremely pleased with. (Well done to all).

Day one: at the beautifully presented Twin Waters Golf Club saw blue sky, but unfortunately, extremely strong winds tested everyone’s patience and games to the limit.

The team at Twin Waters had their course looking an absolute picture to host the opening round of The Invincibles IGA Junior Masters Championship, where Cassie Porter couldn’t quite repeat her course record of last year (70) when she carded a 74 which was a brilliant performance given the conditions.

Some of the many highlights during the day one included; Christian Butterworth’s brilliant approach to the fifth that set up a birdie, Caitlin Vanderkruk’s excellent putt on five along with Wilson Fosters were stunning, Cassie Porter’s brilliant tee shot to within 20 cm on eleven to set up a birdie as did Zoe Maxwell, Lion Higo’s up and down for par on eleven, and Justice Bosio and Lydia Shackell’s approach to eleven, Matt Fishers approach and putt on ten for birdie, Kaito Chiu’s enormous putt on 17 for par, but Lion Higo, Justice Bosio and Christian Butterworth approaches to eighteen to set up Eagle putts were exceptional, Justice did sink her eagle putt, Lion and Christian had to settle for tap in birdies which were just a few of the many highlights achieved under enormously trying conditions.



Day two: Saw The Tour head to Pelican Waters Golf Club, where we were treated to a beautiful sunny sky, but unfortunately, the extreme wind conditions followed us to once again test everyone’s resolve. Thanks to the great team at Pelican who had their course set up magnificently to suite the conditions, where they did a fantastic job hosting the day and making everyone feel welcome.

Cassie’s 66 certainly was a stand-out performance that defied belief, particularly given the conditions.

Highlights on day two included: Cooper Clarke and Rebecca O’Neill’s up and down for par on 6, Lydia Shackell’s approach to the sixth to set up her par, Yevin Samararatne’s bunker shot on 6, Alec O’Brien’s up and down on 6 for par, Caitlyn Campbell-Nyman’s tee shot into six to set up birdie, Lachlan Hancock’s up and down from the back of 8, Justice Bosio’s and Kaito Chiu up and down from the bunker on 8, Christian Butterworth’s approach from the hazard on eight for birdie, Ben Stieler’s brilliant approach to eight and thirteen to set up eagle and birdie chances and Caitlyn Campbell – Nyman’s and Justice Bosio’s drives on thirteen which were just a few of the many, many highlights during round two of The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship.



Day three: Saw the Tour head back to Peregian Golf Course (Ex – Springs, after a year’s layoff) where they had their course and facilities set up in magnificent condition to host round three of our Masters (particularly the greens).

It was an enormous thrill for everyone to once again be walking the fairways and enjoying the challenge of competing on one of the coasts premier golf courses.

What a difference a couple of days make? After two days of extreme weather that tested everyone to the max, to day three, where, George Giblett (Noosa) and Cassie Porter (Peregian Golf Course) put in brilliant performances to take the lead heading into the final round at Noosa Springs after recording rounds of 72 and 68 respectively.


Cassie’s 68 was made that much more special, given that it was her first ever flawless, blemish free round of golf, that equalled her own course record at her home club (Peregian).



Highlights on day 3 included: Catlin Vanderkruk’s up and down on twelve to save par, Yevin Samararatne’s chip in on twelve for birdie, Aimee Harvey’s up and down on twelve to save par, Christian Butterworth’s up and down on twelve for par, George Giblett’s enormous putt for birdie on twelve, Bailey Arnott’s brilliant drive and putt for birdie on twelve, Mitchell Hennessey’s ten metre putt on seventeen for birdie, Dino Degotardi’s chip in for birdie on sixteen, Wilson Foster’s five metre putt on six to save par, Teeren Kannan’s up and down from the bunker on eight to save par, Rebecca O’Neill’s tee shot on eight that set up her birdie, Lachlan Hancock’s brilliant twenty metre putt on nine for eagle, George Giblett’s four metre putt on nine for birdie, and Lion Higo’s brilliant one hundred and forty metre, six iron approach shot for eagle on 2 which were just a few of the many, many highlights at Peregian Golf Course during round three of The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship.


Day four:
Saw The Tour head to Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort who had their course and facilities set up in magnificent condition, on what was the perfect day weatherwise “it was just picture perfect” to host the final round of The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship, where Cassie Porter continued on her merry way as she re-wrote the record books.  

Day four, to everyone’s relief, produced the best conditions of the championship, where Cassie recorded another sub-par round of 69, three under, to win with an incredible 11 under, a ninteen - shot winning margin after recording rounds of 74-66–68–69=277 that eclipsed the previous Invincibles Girls Masters Championship Record by a whopping fifteen shots that was set by Annie Choi (292) 2010 and Karis Davidson (292) in 2013.

On day four at Noosa Springs, Lion Higo (Emerald lakes – p4 below) put in her best ever performance, a “Better than her best performance” when she carded a magnificent 68.

As did Lydia Shackell (Hervey Bay - p 1) with her 77 on day three at Peregian Golf Club.

Grace Williams (Southport p2) played the perfect six iron into the 141-metre par 3 thirteenth to record her third “Hole in One” to the delight of the excited gallery that was following the group!

Caitlyn Campbell – Nyman’s (Pacific – p3) back nine on the final day was something to be behold when she set about recording a birdie, bogy, birdie, bogy, birdie, eagle, par, eagle, bogy finish for a back nine of 32!!


igajrmasters 2016 29

igajrmasters 2016 32

The boy’s division turned out to be an absolute thriller (a nail bitter) right from day one, where Kaito Chiu (Brisbane) Bailey Arnott (Pelican Waters) Ben Stieler (Brookwater) and George Giblett (Noosa) performed brilliantly, with no boy giving an inch, but still played within the true spirit of the game, their performances were pure class right from the start, and they should be applauded for the sportsmanship and demeanour they displayed over the four days, it was a pleasure to be associated with.


But unfortunately, there can be only one winner, with the pressure mounting, no boy was going to give an inch in their endeavour to win the boys division of The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship.

Heading into the final round at Noosa Springs it was obvious that the pressure was going to build and build it did. and at the end of the day, it came down to choices made prior to tee-off when George decided that his driver would stay in the bag!

Given what was at stake, I felt that I could wear a bogy, but I couldn’t accommodate a double or worse. I wanted to make sure that I was on the fairway to give myself the best chance of winning, George said.


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George, went on to say that I nearly blew it, when I boggied seventeen and eighteen, I thought I’d blown it, Ben and Bailey are great players and they don’t normally let you off the hook, so I got a little lucky George said, but at the end of the day, I think my decision to leave my driver in the bag was a smart move, a move that made all the difference, it certainly gave me a lot of confidence.

I don’t think I have ever felt so nervous in competition, and from what I hear, Ben and Bailey felt the same way, this really is a great championship and we wanted to put in our best performances, even though that was tested big time on day 1 & 2 which is something all the contestants would agree with. It was tough, very, very tough!!!

Bailey finished agonisingly close after falling one shot short of joining George Giblett and Ben Stieler in a sudden death playoff (which is The Invincibles preferred format in these situations) which George won with a par in front of a huge contingent of very keen supporters.

Some of the many highlights on day four included: Justice Bosio’s slam dunking her approach to the second for eagle, Dino Degotardi’s 140 metre approach on five for eagle, Lydia Shackell’s putts on four and five, Caitlin Vanderkruk and Zoe Maxwell’s approaches to twelve, Grace William’s “Hole in One” on thirteen with her trusty six iron, Lion Higo produced a “Better than Her Best Performance – a 68” as did Lydia Shackell who recorded a fantastic 77, Catelyn Campbell – Nyman who produced eagles on both the fifteenth and seventeenth holes which were just a few of the many, many highlights at Noosa Springs Golf and Spar Resort during the final round (round 4) of The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship.



But we believe and think most would agree, that the main highlight was in the way the contestants, caddies and their families brought a fun and friendly atmosphere to the championship and the spirit in which the Championship was played, it was played hard, but fair and in the true spirit of the game.

Particularly the first two rounds that were contested in horrendous conditions, 35-degree heat, with winds gusting between 55 and 75 kilometres per hour. Days three and four saw the conditions settle down as the scores would indicate, which was a credit to everyone involved.

Another massive highlight during the Championship, was the pace of play, rounds ranging between three hours fifty and four twenty was just magnificent and proves it can be done and we would like to thank everyone, including those that helped as scorers and marshalling, collectively you made the 2017 Invincibles Masters Championship a pleasure and a joy to be involved in.

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The Tour would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to their above sponsors and supporters for the tremendous support they give to junior golf and for helping us promote and develop the game of golf to all juniors wishing to enjoy their golf on the Sunshine Coast.

We believe it’s fair to say that The Invincibles Tour and its events, such as The Sunshine Coast Junior Masters, The Sunshine Coast Course Cup and Gold Cup of Cups Championship, The Invincibles Match – Play Championships and their Inter – Club Team Shield play an integral part in the landscape of junior golf on the Sunshine Coast and that’s largely due to our supporters (above) and everyone pulling together as a team in the name of junior golf! This is extremely pleasing to see and enormously satisfying to me and everyone involved!!!

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Thanks to Golf Queensland and R&A The Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Championship is acknowledged and endorsed by the R&A as a World Amateur Golf Ranked Event. The committee of The Invincibles Tour consider this another massive acknowledgement and endorsement of what they are striving to achieve within junior golf on the Sunshine Coast and they would like to think that everyone that has played any part (no matter how big or small) in helping create and advance The Tour to the level it is today can take a certain amount of pride and satisfaction out of this prestigious honour.


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One of the great positives that’s come out of 2017 in the committees mind, is the willingness of all parties to work together as a team including (Golf Queensland, PGA Australia, Junior Golf Queensland, our Zone and District Golf Associaions and The Invincibles Tour) and that should fill all golfers “both junior and senior” with an enormous amount of confidence in knowing that everyone's energy is focused on a mutual goal and that's to promote and develop junior golf into the future, with the aim of leaving a legacy for our juniors and future generations!



The Tour and their members would like to congratulate both George Giblett (Noosa) and Cassie Porter (Peregian Springs) for their excellent performances against some of Queensland’s finest and most talented junior golfers as they are crowned the 2017 Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters Champions.

George Giblett and Cassie Porter’s wins, give them automatic exemptions into the 2018 Invincibles Masters Champion and they have their names engraved into the beautifully presented and much sought-after Masters Crystal Trophies, Cassie’s for the second time (only the second girl to do so along-side Karis Davidson, Australia’s leading Amateur female golfer).


Bailey Arnott (Pelican Waters) and Lion Higo (Emerald Lakes) won the Masters Championship Nett Tittles (full results below). 

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Pictured: Bailey Arnott (Pelican Waters) George Giblett (Noosa)
Cassie Porter (Peregian Golf Course) Lion Higo (Emerald Lakes)

I would personally and on behalf of everyone extend our thanks and our appreciation to Frank Schmidt who does an absolutely brilliant job and to all our volunteers who worked tirelessly with scoring, marshalling or in any way they could to make sure our Junior Masters ran smoothly and was a great success.


Many thanks to Neil Charkow (website1000) who works tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our website up to date so we can stay well informed with what is happening on Tour “Your Tour”.



I would also like to pass on my deepest thanks and appreciation to my wife Marshan, Joss Quirk and to our mobile scorers who did a brilliant job making sure everyone had peace of mind when it came to results and to anyone that played any small part in making sure our 2017 IGA Sunshine Coast Junior Masters ran smoothly, we thank you!!!

I personally find our junior golfers a pleasure to be associated with and The Tour would like to thank you all for striving to play your part in making sure your Junior Masters Championship was a great success.

The Invincibles Committee would like to thank everyone that took part, including the caddies, parents, families and galleries for helping make our 2017 Junior Masters Championship the overwhelming success it was and we look forward to making it an even greater success in 2018!

Many thanks for those that took the time to read the conditions of play and came to play accordingly. The reason our conditions of play are so strict, is out of respect for our host clubs, our sponsors, our juniors, the game of golf and because we want our juniors (you) to experience the same experiences that the International Touring Professionals experience, which includes, dress code, pace of play and media and sponsors commitments to name a few that are required of “Tour Professionals” when on tour, as we feel that this is as close as you’re going to get without experiencing the real thing!!!

To view a collage of photos for all four days click on the Gallery link above!



Results - Invincibles IGA Sunshine Coast Masters Junior Masters
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